Cool Tools

One of the most important parts of PBIS is that behavioral skills and expectations are taught directly to students.  "Cool Tools" are lesson plans that we use to teach these expected behaviors.  Every other week, a new Cool Tool is announced and practiced throughout the school.  Every teacher in the building focuses on this behavior during their morning meeting, ensuring that each child is exposed to the importance and value of that behavior.  Each Cool Tool is selected based upon the universal needs of the students.   

Cool Tool for May 3-14: "Playground Safety"
This tool helps to create a safe environment on the playground and amongst peer interactions.

April 12-30:  "Focus on the Classroom"
This time allows teachers and students to discuss issues and needs that are relevant to learning and relationships within their own classroom.
April 2-9:  Spring Break
Cool Tool for March 15-26: "Surfing Safety (on the World Wide Web)!"
This Cool Tool reinforces appropriate internet behavior and allows the internet to be a useful tool for learning.
Cool Tool for March 8-12:  "Having a Plan"
This tool encourages students to do their best on their class work, on the ISAT test, and in all aspects of life.  It also discusses the benefits of making a plan and working to accomplish a goal.
Cool Tool for March 1-5:  "Proper Possessions at School"
This tool reviews appropriate items that students can bring to school, and also discusses the safety and purpose for those items that should stay at home. 
Cool Tool for February 15-26:  "Having All the Right Words to Say!"
Cool Tool for February 1-12:  "Beating the Wintertime Blues!"
We're focusing on helping students to be more organized, prepared, safe, and healthy in these Winter months!
Cool Tool for January 25-29:  "Breakfast of Champions!"
This tool encourages students to eat a healthy breakfast

Cool Tool for January 18-22:  "Be Here and On Time!"
This Cool Tool encourages the life skills of punctuality and responsibility!

Cool Tool for January 4-15:  "Taking PBIS Home"
This Cool Tool teaches students the importance of being ready, respectful, and responsible not just at school, but in every aspect of our students' lives.